States with the Lowest Rent in the US: A Comprehensive Guide

Finding affordable housing is a priority for many Americans, especially as living costs continue to rise in many parts of the country. Knowing where to look can make all the difference. This article explores the states with the lowest rent in the US, providing you with essential information to help you make informed decisions about your housing options.


Housing affordability is a crucial factor for anyone looking to move or find new housing. While some states have seen significant increases in rental prices, others remain relatively affordable. This guide will detail which states offer the lowest rent, helping you find a budget-friendly place to call home.

Understanding Rental Prices

Before diving into specific states, it’s important to understand the factors that influence rental prices:

  1. Supply and Demand: High demand and low supply drive up rental prices.
  2. Location: Urban areas typically have higher rents than rural areas.
  3. Local Economy: Strong economies can lead to higher housing costs.
  4. Population Growth: Areas with rapid population growth often see increased rental prices.
  5. Housing Policies: Local regulations and rent control policies can impact rental prices.

Top States with the Lowest Rent

Based on recent data, the following states offer some of the most affordable rental options in the US:

1. Arkansas

Arkansas consistently ranks as one of the states with the lowest rent. The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is around $600 per month. Cities like Little Rock and Fayetteville offer affordable living with a low cost of living overall.

2. West Virginia

West Virginia boasts some of the lowest rental prices in the country. The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is approximately $650 per month. The state’s beautiful landscapes and low cost of living make it an attractive option for those seeking affordability.

3. Mississippi

Mississippi is another state where renters can find affordable housing. The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is about $700 per month. Cities like Jackson and Hattiesburg provide affordable living with a rich cultural heritage.

4. Oklahoma

In Oklahoma, the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is around $700 per month. Tulsa and Oklahoma City offer a mix of urban amenities and affordable housing options, making the state an appealing choice for budget-conscious renters.

5. Kentucky

Kentucky offers affordable rental prices with an average of $725 per month for a one-bedroom apartment. Cities like Lexington and Louisville provide vibrant cultural scenes and affordable housing options.

Additional Affordable States

While the above states top the list, several others also offer low rental prices:

  • Iowa
  • Ohio
  • Kansas
  • Indiana
  • Alabama

Why These States Offer Lower Rents

Several factors contribute to the lower rental prices in these states:

  1. Lower Population Density: Less crowded areas generally have lower demand for housing, which helps keep rental prices down.
  2. Economic Conditions: States with lower costs of living overall tend to have more affordable housing markets.
  3. Availability of Land: States with more available land for development can maintain lower housing costs.
  4. Housing Policies: Local government policies that support affordable housing can help keep rents low.

Benefits of Living in States with Lower Rent

Choosing to live in a state with lower rent offers numerous benefits:

  1. Increased Disposable Income: Lower rent means more money for other expenses and savings.
  2. Lower Stress: Affordable housing can reduce financial stress and improve quality of life.
  3. Economic Stability: Affordable living can provide a stable economic foundation for individuals and families.
  4. Opportunity for Homeownership: Lower rental prices can make it easier to save for a down payment on a home.

Challenges of Living in States with Lower Rent

While there are many benefits, there are also some challenges to consider:

  1. Limited Job Opportunities: Some states with lower rent may have fewer job opportunities, particularly in specialized fields.
  2. Access to Amenities: Rural areas with lower rent may have limited access to amenities like shopping, entertainment, and healthcare.
  3. Transportation: Public transportation options may be limited, making it necessary to own a car.

Tips for Finding Affordable Rent

Here are some tips to help you find the best rental deals in affordable states:

  1. Expand Your Search Area: Look beyond major cities to smaller towns and suburbs.
  2. Use Online Resources: Websites like Zillow,, and Craigslist can help you find affordable listings.
  3. Consider Shared Housing: Renting a room in a shared house or apartment can significantly reduce costs.
  4. Negotiate Rent: Don’t be afraid to negotiate with landlords, especially if you’re planning to stay long-term.
  5. Look for Move-In Specials: Some landlords offer discounts or incentives for new tenants.


Finding affordable rent in the US is possible if you know where to look. States like Arkansas, West Virginia, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Kentucky offer some of the lowest rental prices in the country. By considering factors such as location, economic conditions, and housing availability, you can find a place that fits your budget and lifestyle.

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